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Hel Norse Death Goddess

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Name:Hel: Norse Death Goddess

Hel: Summary

"Do I not bring peace to those who long have borne life's burden? Do I not bring rest at the end of life's weary journey? Do I not banish pain from all who may suffer? Do I not cure all ills and put an end to all wounds? In truth I am gentle - in truth I am fair. To me, all are equal! I deny none my embrace." - Hela (Thor, Infinity Saga 1970)

Hel presides over the realms of Helheim and Niflheim, collectively known as Niflhel. Here the Norse Death Goddess carries out her duties, hidden from the living under the roots of Yggdrasil until Ragnarok. Although, she has been known to sneak out from time to time and she frequently uses astral projection to chat with those beyond her borders. Don't tell Odin.

title or description
Name meaning: one that hides
Associated symbols: Ear rune, yew, hemlock, obsidian, moon, wells.

This journal portrays the adult version of [personal profile] hospitable_hel. That said, she is not bound to the history of her younger self and may take new directions in her interactions. Her image is based on the description of Hel where half of her face is blackened rather than skeletal. She uses an assortment of glamours to disguise this but it usually shows through in patches on either side of her body. The muse is derived from Norse mythology but may develop differently. Her other canon is my own take on Marvel's Cinematic Universe. Spelling of Norse names is anglicised.

Disclaimer: This is a role playing account, no profit is being made from it. Mun and muse are over 18. PB alternates between Saoirse Ronan and Melanie Laurent, both are edited by me so please do not use my icons.

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